Tuesday, July 1, 2008


miscproj is a continuation using blog software of the poetry magazine and newsletter,  Misc. Proj.,  which was published out of Atlanta for several years in the late nineties.  Each issue of the original publication was prefaced by a brief quotation i thought made a crucial point about poetry;  in that spirit,  here to kick things off are 2 such aphorisms:

"In aesthetics, any formal opposition will always be eventually overridden by artists who have learned to blur the contrasts or synthesize the opposing distinctions, as Cezanne learned to compose and draw through color."

                                                                                          --Charles Rosen


"I hoped (at least I see that in retrospect) to create a text in which an entire global consciousness was present in each sentence."

                                                                                           --Richard Foreman

--Mark Prejsnar

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