Saturday, July 19, 2008

epigram on the epic

Sold     in a make-shift, one moment     at the season.
Almost,  I remember a call   in the acid air:
unscroll a long list ..                It means, the meetings of
people;  it means
locking together ages glances.

--Helmut Sho

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

drums (&) taps

Many heroic soldiers are marching.
Heads are buried.  Eyes are closed.
Many heroic soldiers are marching.
Eyes are buried.  Mouths are buried.
Many heroic soldiers are marching.
Many heroic soldiers are marching.
Many heroic soldiers are marching.
Many hdroic soldiers ar narching.
Many hdiosh sodihf are msdrching.
Manony fhroicf svjfopd mdg
manfoihgbntb ing

--Hank Holorenshaw

Summer, grill

This is me being,
should be triumphant.  As
a red car, flaming

blown out by

under the weight of the deck.
Tangy gifts.

I remember the armory
by the river,
things that got stuck.  Where?
by getting heaved

this is me being
should be triumph, spider, jump as
a red car
in decipher,

--Greg Mesa


miscproj is a continuation using blog software of the poetry magazine and newsletter,  Misc. Proj.,  which was published out of Atlanta for several years in the late nineties.  Each issue of the original publication was prefaced by a brief quotation i thought made a crucial point about poetry;  in that spirit,  here to kick things off are 2 such aphorisms:

"In aesthetics, any formal opposition will always be eventually overridden by artists who have learned to blur the contrasts or synthesize the opposing distinctions, as Cezanne learned to compose and draw through color."

                                                                                          --Charles Rosen


"I hoped (at least I see that in retrospect) to create a text in which an entire global consciousness was present in each sentence."

                                                                                           --Richard Foreman

--Mark Prejsnar

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Archive of Back Issues

Below are copies of the five issues in Misc. Proj's inital run (1996-1998). They are downloadable in .pdf format.